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Celebrate Maine’s 200th Birthday

“I lead” – and with those state motto words in 1820, Maine stepped forever from the shadow of Massachusetts, to whom its citizens had been pledged since 1676, and into independence as the 23rd State in the Union.

Maine’s Bicentennial in 2020 is a celebration of that moment and the character of Mainers who led them, before and after. Maine200 provides the frame to honor the deep roots of a land familiar to Native Americans for 10,000 years before Vikings, Celts and European fishermen and explorers arrived. And it is a showcase for Maine’s cultural and economic leadership, for its arts, traditions and characters.

A continuously unfolding commemoration encompasses every part and interest of the state, making annual festivals like Windjammer Days here in Boothbay, “the best-ever” and introducing new celebrations and “This-year-only” festivities like the grand Bicentennial Parade in May to this mix.

The Lonely Planet Guide says this is the year to visit Maine. We agree that 2020 gives our much-loved visitors “from away” a “don’t miss” view of why Maine’s time is now.


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