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Ten Reasons to Visit Maine this Spring

Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist says, in his mind-boggling Thinking Fast and Slow that we are directed by what he calls our “remembering selves.” His decades of research, first with colleague Amos Tversky and since, drew him to the conclusion that “What we learn from the past is to maximize the qualities of our future memories, not necessarily of our future experiences.”

At Spruce Point Inn where were are dedicated to helping you create “oceanside memories made in Maine,” we like to think we have a responsibility to maximize those memories, what Daniel would call the “peak experiences” so that your own personal “highlight reel” is filled with the times of your lives. To do that, we try to build anticipation, exceed your expectations and leave you – like so many others – with the feeling “I can’t wait to come back and do that all over again!”

All of which is why we work so hard at curating our Inn-siders’ list of things we think might appeal to you during your stay. After all we do know something about “best of” lists (being on them for Down East, Conde Nast Traveler, Martha Stewart Weddings, among others…)

So in anticipation of opening weekend in late May, here’s a preview – a list of the Top 10 things to look forward to doing in and around Boothbay that you can’t do anywhere else. 

1.     Enjoy a trip aboard our private launch Bright Line.

2.     Include a visit to Burnt Island Lighthouse while you’re aboard (and check off #14 on the DownEast Magazine Great Maine Scavenger Hunt while you’re at it!)

3.     Watch the sun come up on the Dawnland. You’re at one of America’s points farthest east in Boothbay, where you can see the first lavender tinge of light on the Atlantic, which is what the Wabanaki meant when they describe where they were from.

4.     Sail aboard Maine’ s last wooden sailing lobster boat, the Sarah Mead – moored right off our dock – and then taste fresh steamed Maine lobster as you’ve never tasted before.

5.     Explore the oceanside trails and forests of Boothbay Region Land Trust (canine companions welcome): “no tickets, no lines, no noise, all yours.”

6.     Delight in Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Their December “Gardens Aglow” just begin to approximate the Gardens a-bloom you’ll experience now as 38,000 bulbs begin to unfurl.

7.     Stand in the spots that inspired “our own” Kevin Beers and other artists who keep Monhegan Art Colony traditions alive.

8.     Stroll around Boothbay Harbor, from the church where President & Mrs. Kennedy attended Mass to the shops, restaurants and galleries of Commercial Street.

9.     Sleep to the whispering spruces, windows open to ocean breezes and dream of the generations who will follow your family’s footsteps across the historic floorboards of Spruce Point Inn.


Wishing you sweet dreams of what’s waiting for you, here at Spruce Point.


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