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The Secret Season: 6 Reasons to Visit the Maine Coast this Spring

Sparkling harbor water; a cool and pleasant sea breeze; a canopy of green where just a few weeks ago branches were bare. It’s a quietly magical time of the year on the coast, and to visitors it’s an intimate look at Maine coming to life after a winter of hibernation. 

The coast of Maine belongs to you during this serene moment. Sun dappled walks downtown, perusing the newly open doors of seasonal shops, an evening hot tub with the sunset. Soon the world will turn to summer and with it the halcyon hoopla of that season. But for now, like a deep and calming breath, we relish the peace of the ‘secret season’ and its power of renewal. Here are a few things we especially look forward to each spring: 

1. The Smell of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: There’s nothing quite like it. Fragrant and blossoming, this local horticultural experience is one of the finest public gardens in the country. With more than a mile of tidal saltwater frontage and nearly 300 acres, the gardens offer a lush experience with local and exotic specimens, all in full bloom in the secret season. 

2. Cruise the Coast on the Sarah Mead: Cruise the sparkling water of Boothbay Harbor and beyond aboard one of Maine’s last sail powered lobster boat. This historic wooden Friendship Sloop is the pride of Boothbay Harbor, and moored right off our dock. 

3. Stroll Commercial Street: Get one of the first looks at spring collections in Boothbay Harbor’s art galleries, soak in sunshine along Boothbay’s historic footbridge, watch the boats launched for the season ahead. It’s a peaceful moment to be downtown, with a palpable buzz of preparation in the air. 

4. Acres of Spruce Forested Hiking: And they’re right here at Spruce Point Inn too. It’s magical: towering Spruce trees with lofty green canopies create a cathedral-like zen; a hint of salt air mixed with the rich earth smell of the forest. We call this forest bathing, and it’s as renewing and refreshing as it sounds. 

5. Fall Asleep with the Windows Open: Warm nights are such a novelty early in the year. Dozing asleep at night to the sound of whispering spruces and the lapping harbor tide is about as Maine Coast Zen as it gets. 

6. Burnt Island Light Picnics: These are as wonderful as it sounds. We’ll pack the picnic, you plan your adventure. Ride our resort launch out to historic Burnt Island where one of Maine’s oldest lighthouses stands guard at the head of Boothbay Harbor. Spend the afternoon exploring and picnicking. Does it get any more Maine than that?