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Memorial Day in Maine: A Secret Season of Anticipation and Delight

The glorious spring days on the Midcoast of Maine are what we look forward to each season. Sparkling water, a cool but pleasant seabreeze, and a canopy of green where just a few weeks ago, there was a slight haze on the branches, but not much more. It’s a magical time to be here in Maine, and a quiet one shared by those in the know.

Such is the attraction of Spruce Point Inn, especially now, during the “secret season” when our world is new and fresh, looking forward to old friends and those we haven’t met yet, filling the Westport chairs on our lawn and turning the meter to “relax.”

Perhaps that is why Memorial Day seems such a talisman in Maine, marking a moment to stop and remember, at the same time you’re creating new “oceanside memories, made in Maine.”

The Victorian fringe trees scent the route of the marchers as they step off on not just one, but five Memorial Day parade segments, here in Boothbay. The routes reach all the memorial markers to Boothbay’s fallen. And the school band and Boothbay American Legion, Post 36 make sure each is honored, in turn. It’s timeless and sincere and fills us with childlike wonder and anticipation as the bustle of the season swells around us.

As the world turns to summer and our anticipation builds for the full-on celebration – and sharing – of the delights to be discovered in Boothbay, we are grateful that late May and early June present so many opportunities to pause and take a deep breath of all that makes this place so special.

Like the old-fashioned Memorial Day observances, we’re here to hold onto what keeps bringing you back. The anticipation and delight that keeps you going long enough to get back here once more.


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