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Enchanted by Spring on the Maine Coast

Mornings on the water in the “secret season” of late spring in Boothbay offer tantalizing glimpses of what’s to come. A scrim of mist hides the high-boned beauty of the Maine coast in the fashion of veiled 19th century ladies when the Inn was new, a hundred years ago. As the morning fog rises, enchantment is revealed in the leaves brightly freshened, their palette of a hundred greens more intense, the scent of the apple blossoms rising with the sun.

May and June in Boothbay offer new discoveries at every turn. New menus hot off the press in anticipation of the season, boats going into the harbor, new wildflowers unfurling and new voices of birdsong along the woodland path. All move into and out of focus revealing a world bright as candle flames flickering behind the etching on glass globes. The foggy days of Maine just wait for a hand to clear the pane, blending outdoors and in, past and present, anticipation and absorption.

Springtime rewards the secret season seekers. One can dissect the meteorology and assess the distinct confluence of the cold Atlantic and the rising warmth of granite into a dewpoint that draws the foggy curtain.

But we think the “oceanside memories made in Maine” this time of year hold a longing that lingers. Like the foghorn that speaks of a familiarity like home and the solid assurance that comes with your return.  How will you be enchanted by the May mists of Maine?