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The Secret Season on the Maine Coast

It’s getting to be the time of the year where we’re surrounded by reminders of why Maine is “the way life should be”.

Spring reveals previews of summer to us in flashes of balmy weather and glorious sunshine, giving guests a reason to call it the “Secret Season”. For many, the promise of unplugged hours (should they choose to ignore our expanded Wifi network) beckon like the extended hours of daylight to be enjoyed.

The pace of Boothbay – and Spruce Point – also reminds us why this is the way life should be. Shady lanes. Zen gardens. Entrepreneurial shopkeepers. Artists of song, image, flavor and flower who distill all of our memories and imaginings. White sails, tall masts and the stars to steer them by. This is the life unfolding in a state with the 49,600 acre Acadia National Park, (one of the most-visited National Parks) and a bay filled with enough islands for a daily calendar. For four glorious months, it’s a respite from the heat, toil and noise of 21st century life.

It’s a place with a magnetic attraction that draws people “from away” like a lodestone with the capacity to center the soul. It’s a place where we at Spruce Point help create and curate the “oceanside memories made in Maine” that will sustain you while you’re gone.

And the promise of stillness borne on an ocean breeze whenever you return.