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Bluebirds Over Boothbay

When Queen Elizabeth addressed her nation, and by extension the rest of us, the other day, she summoned up the guardian angels of another globally traumatic event: the Second World War. Understanding how much the Brits, in particular, suffered, hearing her refer to the song, “We’ll meet again,” was the emotional equivalent to the British Government’s “Keep Calm and Carry On.” A slogan the CDC morphed into “Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands.”

We were thinking about that song, and another, as the full moon rose over Spruce Point last week. As Judy Woodruff said, reporting on 2020’s only Super Moon and closing the NewsHour with a quiet comment, almost an afterthought: “We need it.”

The other song that my inner DJ queued up was “White Cliffs of Dover.” There’ll be bluebirds over, the White Cliffs of Dover, tomorrow, just you wait and see. There’ll be love and laughter, and peace ever after, tomorrow when the world is free.”

Waiting. That’s the hard part. We’re watching and waiting to see what the next weeks bring here in Boothbay, and what comes to the backyards where our Spruce Point Inn family and friends live. While we wait, we also soldier on, “sprucing up” and detailing all the new ideas and amenities we’re preparing for you.

If ever there was a time for the safe, serene and secure experience the resort provides, it’s now. While we cannot be together at the moment, we look forward – perhaps more than ever – to seeing both new and familiar faces walking through our front door this season.

Watch the moon rise. Watch the daylight lengthen. And call on all your “oceanside memories made in Maine” to keep you company and bring you closer to the day you will return. We know you will.

There’ll be love and laughter, and life ever after. Just you wait and see.


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