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Plans for the next day. And the days after that.

The birds are coming back up the coast to their summer homes in Maine. There are red-wing blackbirds in the marshes, robins on a few (still-drab) lawns, and the goldfinches are inching into their namesake plumage.

But we’re all at home. Looking out on spring coming back to our world. Watching the lengthening days. And hoping that the last laugh of March snow is rapidly replaced by snowdrops and daffodils. (Until we can visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, we have to content ourselves with blooms among the sheltered, westerly-facing stone walls.)

Still, at a time we might be working in the boatyards, preparing for summer on the water, we’ve given up the masks we used to wear while sanding the hulls for bottom paint. And we wish we could take all those medical workers out for a sail, exchanging their lab coats for windjammer “wings.”

Here at Spruce Point Inn, we’re watching anxiously to see what this summer season will finally look like. We’re so ready to show you what’s new, and what we’ve been cooking up this winter (especially Chef Rick Koplau, fresh from Duke’s in DC!). But that has to wait, for now.

Instead, what if we all turned our minds to those “oceanside memories, made in Maine” we’ve been helping you craft for years, now?

We’ll start, with this video of the waves lapping the waterfront. Those of you with lucky graduates of our Lighthouse Camp might ask what they remember of the shoreline – the kelp and clams, and occasional harbor seal?

Some of you will remember the sunset over Boothbay Harbor. How as you lingered in our Westport chairs, the very air seemed to turn to gold, and then to amber. A fitting end to another perfect vacation day and the prelude to a warm summer night – dinner feasting on lobster or day boat scallops, or a walk down Grand View Avenue to smell the wild roses dancing on the ocean air.

Perhaps you’ll remember the last family reunion (or destination wedding) you attended here – and the way the group dispersed to whale watch, museum and shopping along Commercial Street, and then converged back at the bar, sharing your discoveries and hatching plans for the next day. And the one after that.

Plans for the next day, and the ones after that, is what we must do now. Maine has stood the tests of time far longer than its 200th birthday would make you think. She’ll be here, waiting. Like so many who dream of the days we’ll all be together again.

Stay at home. Be well. We’ll be here when you return.


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